Niacinamides have this Anti-Aging-effect!

Niacinamide effect

You want to do your face some good in terms of Anti Aging do, fight the first wrinkles and feel like you've just finished an extensive beauty treatment? Then you should definitely remember the term niacinamide. Niacinamide is a valuable vitamin B3 derivative, a form of vitamin B3 that has a slightly different chemical structure than niacin. Thus, it is an important accessory in terms of anti-aging cosmetics and skin care. Many clinical studies have already proven that this water-soluble substance has an extremely positive effect on the skin when used regularly. Niacinamide is rightly a popular active ingredient, as it is a real all-rounder when it comes to radiantly beautiful skin. That is why it is often an important ingredient in anti-ageing serums and, of course, in our highly effective Lavuj anti-ageing cream. 

This is what niacinamides do to your skin!

But what exactly does niacinamide do to your facial skin? We explain all the positive aspects in detail here: 

Anti Aging

Niacinamides have antioxidant properties and thus protect the skin from free radicals. Premature skin ageing is effectively prevented. In addition, the vitamins stimulate lipid production and the body's own elastin and collagen formation. The result is not to be overlooked: You get smoother, firmer skin with more elasticity. Small wrinkles are reduced with regular use. 

Strengthening the protective function

Scientific studies show that niacinamides have a regenerating effect on an already damaged skin barrier. Vitamin B3 helps the body to form lipids and ceramides, which are important for the protective function of the skin. This is because a healthy skin barrier ensures that the skin loses less moisture and also becomes much more resistant to environmental influences. For this reason, products with niacinamide also help against dry skin. 

Reduction of the pores

Another positive aspect is that the pores contract and become smaller with regular use. This not only makes the skin look more even and finer, but foundation and primer also settle less. 

Reduction of impurities and matting

In addition, niacinamide regulates sebum production and can also help to mattify the oily T-zone. Likewise, the vitamin has an antibacterial effect and ensures a more even complexion in the long term and fights blemished skin and acne.

Soothing the skin

Niacinamides also help the skin to regenerate naturally and ensure that there is less irritation. 

Skin discolourations disappear

The vitamin B3 derivative also inhibits the synthesis of melanin. This means that dark pigment spots and pimple marks decrease significantly. 

What to look for when using niacinamides

As effective as niacinamides are: If the concentration in a serum or cream is too high, unwanted reddening of the skin can occur, as the vitamin briefly dilates the blood vessels. Furthermore, one should be a little careful when using niacinamide in combination with vitamin C. Vitamin C has an acidic pH value. In this environment, niacinamide can transform into niacin (nicotinic acid or nicotinamide). And this can temporarily cause unsightly redness in sensitive skin. Therefore, it is best to take a break of 15 to 30 minutes when using niacinamide and vitamin C products. Then the skin has a little time to regulate the pH value again. 

Lavuj's anti-ageing cream also relies on niacinamide!

You'll find just the right dose of niacinamides in our highly effective Lavuj anti-ageing cream! With it, you can stop the natural ageing process of the skin. The cream was developed especially for sensitive facial skin and, thanks to its valuable ingredients, also helps to regulate the skin tone and prevent loss of firmness. In addition to niacinamides, it contains high doses of hyaluronic acid, RetinolLavuj contains only natural active ingredients, mineral-rich ionic water, herbal extracts, healing oils and astaxanthin, the world's second most powerful antioxidant, which greatly enhances the skin's vitality. Lavuj contains only natural active ingredients and no hormones. Therefore, there are no side effects when using it. Fine wrinkles are softened after just 24 hours. And with an application of 28 days (daily in the morning and in the evening) you can look forward to a real Botox effect in the face. A visit to the beauty doctor is thus completely superfluous. In addition, Lavuj prevents the formation of new wrinkles in the long term. The perfect care for your skin!

Questions and answers

How long does it take for niacinamides to show their full effect?

Niacinamide already shows its effect two weeks after use. The optimal result is achieved after about 28 days. 

In which foods can niacinamides be found?

The vitamin is found in chicken liver, oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, tuna, pollock and beef. With these foods, the anti-ageing effect of creams containing niacinamide can be enhanced. 

Can you also have a niacin deficiency?

Yes, but it only rarely occurs in industrialised countries like Germany. And if it does, then only as a result of diseases such as alcoholism, anorexia or cirrhosis of the liver. Niacin deficiency, however, is frequently found in people in developing countries with unilateral Nutrition noted.

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