Staying young longer through nutrition


Is there such a thing as a fountain of youth that you jump into and that promises eternal youth? Eternal, perhaps not, because wrinkles simply appear on every face over time. But with a balanced diet, natural skin ageing can definitely be delayed by a few years! At the same time, it also helps us to age as healthily as possible. Few people are aware of how crucial a healthy diet is for the ageing process of the skin.

But researchers are certain that if you tackle the issue seriously and put the right foods on your plate, you can really make a difference in terms of Anti Aging achieve. By the way, a lot of exercise in the fresh air also slows down the ageing process and you can also prevent many diseases with a good mix of healthy food and sport. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of how unhealthy they actually live. We explain here with valuable Anti Aging Tipshow to stay young longer through nutrition! 

Understanding how the skin ages

To successfully fight the battle of anti-ageing, it is helpful to know exactly how the body and the skin actually age. Deep in the cell nucleus are chromosomes, on which the genetic material is stored like on a hard drive. At their ends are the so-called telomeres. These special chromosome sections are crucial when it comes to ageing, because they protect the genetic software of the cells, so to speak. You can think of it like the plastic caps at the end of a shoelace that are responsible for keeping it from fraying. With every single cell division, however, the telomeres become somewhat shorter, and the chromosomes correspondingly more unstable with increasing age. The result: over time, they become incorrectly read. Both in the intestine and in the skin. And as a result, the cells can no longer fulfil their tasks as well. In addition, it becomes more difficult for the body to regenerate fully over time. 

How a healthy diet can counteract the ageing process

Even though telomeres are not solely responsible for the ageing process of the skin, you can take care of them with a balanced diet and delay their wear and tear. It is therefore recommended to eat less sugar and highly processed products, such as fast food or ready-made products. When these enter the metabolism, free radicals are created, which in turn are poison for the skin cells. This is because they aggressively hit the cells and damage the genes there. In addition, studies show that they can also cause inflammation in the body and thus damage the telomeres. Experts swear by the strengths of Mediterranean cuisine when it comes to anti-aging. However, this does not mean pizza and tiramisu, but a light diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, many legumes and little meat and fish. 

These foods are good for the skin

Here's a short list of foods that keep your skin (and hair, for that matter) young for a long time with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, and at the same time boost your immune system. You can really eat yourself young and beautiful with this:

  • Berries (especially dark varieties like elderberries)
  • Green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and cucumbers
  • Nuts such as walnuts (also as walnut oil)
  • Tomatoes and carrots
  • Turmeric
  • Onions and garlic
  • Avocados
  • Apples
  • Pomegranates
  • Green tea
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Beetroot
  • Lentils and beans
  • Oatmeal
  • Mineral water

Cooking with fresh ingredients

The way our grandparents ate is now totally in again. Today it is called "clean eating". This means that natural and unprocessed foods such as fruit and vegetables are used as a matter of priority, and preferably from local organic cultivation. If you cook with fresh ingredients every day, you can't really go wrong. Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives should be avoided as far as possible. 

Sweeten and salt sparingly

It is of course well known that sugar is a huge burden on the calorie account and on health. But it also has disadvantages for the youthfulness of the skin: unfortunately, the body can process it with difficulty and this leads to disturbed cell function. And when the cells can no longer regenerate, wrinkles form. In addition, it does not provide any vitamins and vital substances. And: too much sugar can also lead to diabetes over time. We should also be careful with salt, as more than 6 grams a day can raise blood pressure. Caution: A lot of salt is often hidden in ready-made meals (also in bread, cheese and sausage). 

Drink a lot

For a long-lasting youthfulness of the skin, it is also recommended to drink two to three litres of mineral water or tea per day. Alcohol in excess should be avoided in any case, as it is true poison for the skin cells. 

The right care is also important: Lavuj keeps your skin fresh and young.

But not only through the right diet - also through the right skin care, the natural ageing process can be delayed. We recommend the use of our high-quality anti-aging cream Lavuj! Why? Because it contains valuable ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, RetinolLavuj's unique formula, which includes biotin, the vitamin niacinamide, herbal extracts, mineral-rich ionic water, three different healing oils and astaxanthin, provides your skin with exactly the ingredients it needs to look young for as long as possible. Lavuj also helps prevent moisture loss from the skin.

Fine wrinkles are already reduced 24 hours after the first application. After 28 days (with daily application in the morning and evening), you can enjoy a real Botox effect on the face that lasts for at least five months. The future formation of wrinkles is also reduced and the overall appearance of the skin is greatly improved. The anti-ageing cream by Lavuj was specially produced for sensitive skin and completely without hormones and is therefore very well tolerated. There are no known side effects. But you can definitely enjoy a smooth face with Lavuj!


Is it true that smoking accelerates the ageing process of the skin?

Unfortunately, yes. Nicotine is poison for the skin cells, so better keep your hands off cigarettes!

Can deficiency symptoms cause the skin to age faster?

Unfortunately, yes. With increasing age, everyone should have their blood values and also their vitamin and mineral levels checked regularly by a doctor. If there is a deficiency, it can be compensated for with the appropriate preparations.

They always say that a glass of wine a day is healthy. Is that true?

That is probably true. But excessive consumption of alcohol can age the skin faster because it draws moisture from the skin. That's why you should never overdo it.

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