Anti Aging Tips: What you can do!

Anti-aging tips

The bad news is: everyone gets wrinkles at some point! They are a natural sign of skin ageing and ultimately only show that we have lived! Unfortunately, they are perceived as unsightly, especially if they appear at too young an age. But the good news is: the ageing process of the skin can be prevented with our valuable Anti Aging tips for quite a while. A few years even! The important thing is that you follow certain rules: Lead a healthy lifestyle and, of course, use the right facial care. We recommend Lavuj's extremely high-quality anti-ageing cream because it covers all areas and pampers your skin so much that it can look young and firm for as long as possible and thus really radiate. And who doesn't dream of a perfect glow?

Of course, genetics also play a role in the ageing process of the skin, but no matter how you are predisposed: anti-ageing can help enormously to keep your skin young. Of course, prevention is always better than cure! Because once annoying wrinkles are there, it is unfortunately difficult to completely iron them out again. So, start your own personal anti-aging programme today: Here are our professional tips!

The Anti Aging Diet

True beauty comes from within! Even if this saying is actually meant differently, it is absolutely true when it comes to the topic of anti-aging. Because at least as important as care with valuable anti-ageing products is a healthy diet with high-quality foods that can be described as real anti-ageing food thanks to antioxidants and vitamins. Wrinkles can be reduced with a balanced, healthy diet. Nutrition very well. Here we tell you what you should eat every day and what you should avoid:

  • Fruit and vegetables: For a smooth, flawless complexion, vegetables in the form of peppers, broccoli, beetroot, carrots, spinach and tomatoes are highly recommended. Fruits that are ideal for your complexion are kiwis, acai fruits, oranges and pomegranates. Also blueberries, bilberries, currants and elderberries. And: nuts! Herbs, such as parsley, are also considered to be real scavengers of radicals that protect against premature skin ageing. In principle, all fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of vitamin C and zinc are good for the youthfulness of your skin.
  • Mineral water and tea: Drinking plenty of fluids is the be-all and end-all when it comes to anti-ageing nutrition: for a plump, youthful complexion, sufficient fluid intake is enormously important! And that in the form of pure mineral water and tea. Two to three litres a day are ideal! 
  • Sugar: Even if it hurts: sugar is not only bad for your bikini figure, but also contributes to the premature formation of wrinkles. The body has trouble processing sugar, which inevitably leads to impaired cell function. If your cells can no longer regenerate properly, unattractive wrinkles will unfortunately form on your face. So: stay away from sugar as much as possible!
  • Alcohol: The popular after-work drink is unfortunately also not a very good idea if you are concerned about anti-ageing. Because alcohol removes moisture from the body. Especially if you overdo it with alcohol consumption. You should also keep your hands off cigarettes: Nicotine is poison for the skin cells.

Sleep a lot - and in the right position!

Regular, restful sleep is extremely important for the skin, as your cells regenerate themselves while you sleep. So make sure you get enough of it! However, the right sleeping position also plays an important role when you Prevent wrinkles want. Unfortunately, sleeping on your stomach or side puts a lot of stress on your elastin and collagen fibres. This causes wrinkles to form over time. The ideal sleeping position would therefore actually be on your back. Unaccustomed? It's all a matter of practice. Try it out!

Too much sun is poison for the skin!

Unfortunately, tanned skin is still considered a sign of beauty and health. But this is a dangerous fallacy: because unfortunately the exact opposite is the case! Excessive sun exposure can cause enormous damage to the skin. And the damage only shows up many years later, when it is too late. But the skin does not forget and unfortunately takes revenge at some point with furrows or the so-called dermis. That's why you should only sunbathe in moderation, and if you do, make sure you use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. Sunglasses can also prevent wrinkles, as they prevent wrinkles from forming by constantly squinting your eyes. Visits to the solarium should definitely be crossed off the agenda, because they really encourage wrinkles to sprout. Noble pallor is therefore the order of the day when it comes to anti-aging! 

Exercise regularly!

With regular physical activity you can delay the ageing process of your skin by up to ten years! Exercise is not only good for your figure, but also for your skin, as it stimulates blood circulation. Radical weight loss, on the other hand, is not recommended, as it stimulates the formation of wrinkles. 

How the right care can contribute to anti-ageing

High-quality anti-aging skin care products are also very important to prevent annoying wrinkles. Here are our tips:

  • Thorough cleaning: Your skin should definitely be thoroughly cleansed every morning and evening with high-quality skincare products. Daily make-up removal before going to bed should definitely be part of your routine if you want to delay the appearance of wrinkles!
  • Peeling: Dead skin particles should be removed regularly to actively support the skin's regeneration process. Therefore, gently exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. You will see: Your skin will immediately look rosy and fresh again!
  • Face masks: They can give your skin a real boost of freshness and keep it nice and supple. In addition to commercially available products, you can also make them yourself using natural ingredients from the fridge: Fruit, vegetables, quark or honey are not only good when eaten, but also on your face!
  • The right skin care cream: The right anti-ageing face cream is also crucial for making fine lines disappear quickly and effectively preventing deep wrinkles. Important here are active ingredients such as Hyaluron, Retinolniacinimide or biotin. All of these are contained in our high-quality anti-aging cream from Lavuj!

What the Anti Aging Cream from Lavuj can do

With our extremely effective Lavuj Anti Aging Cream, the ageing process can be reliably slowed down. Our care has been specially developed for sensitive skin and is completely hormone-free and therefore very well tolerated. The perfect anti-wrinkle treatment is provided by the best ingredients such as highly dosed hyaluronic acid, retinol, biotin, the vitamin niacinamide, herbal extracts, ionic water rich in minerals, three different healing oils and astaxanthin. It is the world's second most powerful antioxidant and effectively contributes to the vitality of the skin. Hyaluron ensures the firmness of the skin.

Lavuj also helps to regulate skin tone and prevent loss of firmness. First wrinkles disappear already 24 hours after the first application. And those who use the anti-aging cream daily in the morning and evening for 28 days can enjoy a Botox effect like after a beauty treatment at the doctor's that lasts for five months. Lavuj also effectively prevents the formation of new wrinkles. Therefore, we recommend our Anti Aging with a very clear conscience!

Questions and answers:

Is it true that stress in everyday life can promote wrinkles?

Absolutely! If you don't want to age prematurely, it is very important to reduce negative stress as much as possible.

Is the anti-ageing diet also good for my hair?

Definitely! A balanced, vitamin-rich diet is also good for hair and nails. 

Is endurance or weight training better for anti-aging?

In the best case, both! Endurance sports stimulate your blood circulation, which is extremely important for your skin. And when you build muscle, your skin tightens all by itself. We therefore recommend a balanced mix!

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