Does Retinol work for wrinkles?


Oh dear, you've discovered the first wrinkles on your face and you're totally unhappy about it? Even though it's normal and everyone gets wrinkles with time, you don't feel ready for it yet? We can understand that! The good news is: with Anti Aging cosmetics, you can effectively slow down the natural ageing process of the skin. A true miracle active ingredient in this area is Retinol (vitamin A). Retinol has attracted a lot of attention in skincare in recent years, as numerous research studies have shown that the skin benefits greatly from the use of retinol-containing products. We explain here how retinol can effectively help against wrinkles!

What is retinol anyway?

Retinol is simply another name for vitamin A. It is a particularly effective cell-communicating agent that attaches itself to skin cells to tell them to behave like young, healthy skin cells. Sounds crazy, but that's exactly how it works! Retinol is also an antioxidant. This means that it stops the damaging effects of free radicals that can cause your skin to age prematurely. Retinol therefore effectively counteracts wrinkles and also stimulates collagen production. By the way, it also helps skin that is prone to blemishes and acne. It also reduces unsightly skin discolouration and smoothes wrinkles caused by sun damage. 

How retinol works

Retinol stimulates the skin's ability to regenerate, as it boosts the formation of horny cells, which in turn have an exfoliating effect. Retinol thus also acts as a kind of pore reducer. The overall appearance of the skin becomes more even. Due to its molecular structure, retinol can also penetrate into the deep layers of the skin to stimulate the body's own production of collagen. A stable collagen framework in turn ensures firm connective tissue and thus increased elasticity of the skin. Retinol also helps the skin to keep its moisture balance in order to avoid dry patches that can cause wrinkles. Retinol is not only an extremely popular active ingredient in the field of anti-aging, but it is also successfully used in the fight against acne. Likewise, retinol is helpful for redness and pigmentation spots, as it creates an extremely even skin appearance due to its exfoliating and skin-renewing properties.

How can I use retinol?

Retinol can work both externally and internally. We explain here how you can best use it.

Retinol in food

Fortunately, vitamin A, i.e. retinol, is found in many delicious foods. These include above all meat, liver, fish, dairy products and eggs. But even those who want to avoid animal products can rest assured: many plant-based foods contain plenty of beta-carotene. This is a precursor of vitamin A, so to speak. The body can convert it into pure vitamin A. Beta-carotene is found in carrots, red peppers and tomatoes, for example. 

Retinol in capsule form

Whoever wants a balanced Nutrition If you don't always manage to cope in everyday life, or if you generally suffer from too much stress, you can also improve your vitamin A balance with dietary supplements. Retinol in capsule or tablet form has also been proven to stimulate the organism. However, the daily requirement of vitamin A must not be exceeded. Therefore, one should always read the product recommendation carefully before taking it. An overdose of vitamin A from food supplements can cause side effects, such as nausea, headaches or even visual disturbances.

Skin care with retinol

Unfortunately, our skin is constantly exposed to damaging disruptive factors: air pollution from fine dust, UV radiation or strongly changing temperatures. Retinol effectively protects the skin from precisely these free radicals by strengthening the natural protective barrier. In addition, it provides a lot of moisture and thus counteracts the premature ageing process of the skin. Retinol is also very important in the regeneration phase during sleep, which is why it is recommended to also use a night cream or serum with this active ingredient. Retinol stimulates the natural cell renewal. Moreover, it not only works wonders in face creams or serums - a body lotion with retinol is also recommended, as it strengthens the connective tissue enormously and can thus reduce cellulite considerably. Retinol is also a real boon for the hair: it promotes growth and keeps the scalp healthy. 

Lavuj also relies on the power of retinol!

Retinol has power - but retinol alone is not enough for comprehensive anti-aging care! It can work best when it has other active ingredients to support it: like in our highly effective anti-aging cream from Lavuj! In addition to a lot of retinol, it also contains Hyaluron - in combination absolutely unbeatable! Also astaxanthin, Niacinamidemineral-rich ionic water, various herbal extracts and high-quality healing oils. Together, these active ingredients in Lavuj provide absolute anti-aging power! Skin ageing can be extremely slowed down by this high-quality facial care and the first wrinkles are a thing of the past after just 24 hours. A perfectly youthful glow is achieved after 28 days at the latest with regular use. Another piece of good news: Lavuj is produced without hormones and 97% vegan. There are no known side effects. 

Questions and answers

Which helps better against wrinkles: Retinol or hyaluronic acid?

We recommend a combination of both active ingredients, as this is absolutely unbeatable! Lavuj's anti-ageing cream contains both substances in abundance.

Can I overdose on retinol in food supplements?

Retinol in too high a concentration can actually lead to side effects such as redness or skin flaking. The German Nutrition Society therefore recommends a daily intake of 1mg, which should not be exceeded.

Is it true that retinol and sun are not a good combination?

Unfortunately, yes. Although retinol protects against UV radiation as an antioxidant, its exfoliating effect increases the skin's sensitivity to light. Thus, a combination of retinol and too much sun can lead to pigment spots. Therefore, one should always use a sunscreen. In case of sunburn, it is recommended to pause the care with retinol even for a short time.

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