Facial wrinkles: How they develop and what helps

Facial wrinkles

It's obvious - everyone gets them at some point: facial wrinkles around the eyes, around the mouth or on the forehead. The main reason is the mimic movement of the face - but that is something quite natural! Wrinkles show that we have lived, and that is a good thing. And who can and wants to do without facial expression?

However, wrinkles are usually perceived as an unsightly aesthetic problem - especially if they appear at too young an age. Therefore, the goal is to delay their appearance as long as possible. And this is possible thanks to Anti Aging pretty well these days - if you know how! Because when it comes to skin ageing, it's not just factors like genetic predisposition that play a role - a healthy lifestyle and the right skincare are also absolutely crucial in the war. 

How do facial wrinkles develop?

Wrinkles are linear furrows on the skin caused by a folding of the epidermis. This is caused by a lack of collagen production or supply of nutrients and moisture to the skin. The visible process of skin ageing actually begins very early - between the ages of 20 and 30! Until then, enough collagen is produced by the body.

This makes the tissue firm and yet elastic thanks to elastin fibres. But with age, the skin produces less collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin cells divide more slowly and the oil and water content of the skin decreases noticeably. As a result, the skin becomes drier and thinner. In the first stage, skin ageing in the face usually becomes noticeable through small wrinkles around the eyes and the corners of the mouth. At first, they only appear when the face is in motion due to facial expressions.

But at some point they become deeper and eventually remain permanent. In addition, the face loses volume due to slackening of the connective tissue. The familiar facial features slowly begin to sag. The so-called gravity wrinkles are perceived as unattractive in addition to the classic facial wrinkles. Classic examples are the double chin, neck wrinkles or sagging cheeks. 

Wrinkle theory - what are the types of facial wrinkles?

Facial wrinkles

To help you find your way around the complex world of anti-ageing and to help you diagnose for yourself what you are suffering from, we have compiled all the conventional types of Facial wrinkles listed. 

  • Nasolabial folds: This is the name given to the wrinkles that run from the wings of the nose to the corners of the mouth. They are usually caused by heavy weight loss. But also due to little sleep, a lot of stress, alcohol and nicotine. 
  • Nose wrinklesThey appear between the bridge of the nose and the corners of the eyes and are often called bunny lines.
  • Frown linesThey are also called glabellar wrinkles. These are the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. The name comes from the fact that they are caused by frequent contraction of the eyebrows, such as when angry or worried. But often also when you are highly concentrated. The face often looks stern and serious because of these facial wrinkles.
  • Marionette pleats: Also called folds at the corners of the mouth. They run diagonally from the corners of the mouth down to the edge of the lower jaw. This gives the facial expression something sad. 
  • WrinklesThey usually first appear around the cheeks, eyes and décolleté and spread over a large area with age. They are caused by water loss from the skin. 
  • Crow's feetThis refers to the small wrinkles around the eyes or smile lines in the corner of the eye. The reason for this is the thin skin around the eyes, in which there are hardly any fat pads. In addition, the ring muscle around the eye is involved in almost all facial movements. The name comes from the fact that these wrinkles visually resemble the feet of crows. 
  • Chin wrinklesThey are also commonly called strawberry chin or paving stone chin. They are manifested by small dents in the chin area and are caused by the muscle movements when speaking, when the fat deposit of the skin decreases. 
  • Forehead wrinklesThey are also called worry lines because they give the face a sorrowful expression. They are usually caused by tense forehead muscles under stress. 
  • Lip wrinkles: This is the name given to the wrinkles directly on the lips. They are promoted by the increased peaking of the lips when smoking and run vertically. 

What do I need to look out for to slow down facial wrinkles in a natural way??

In the field of anti-ageing, it is not only a matter of genetic predisposition. You can stop your natural ageing process with a healthy lifestyle. What to watch out for:

Healthy diet

I can do something good for my skin every day by eating right. A balanced diet is recommended, consisting of lots of vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables, high-quality protein from legumes and soy products, polyunsaturated fatty acids and little animal fat. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water to plump up the skin with moisture from the inside!

As little poison as possible

Sure, life should also be fun! But if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, you risk the youthfulness of your skin, because alcohol dehydrates the skin. Smoking is also particularly bad. Nicotine is poison for the skin. In addition, regular pursing of the lips increases the formation of so-called lip wrinkles and Wrinkles around the mouth. In addition, industrial sugar should be avoided as much as possible, as it reduces the elasticity of the skin through the glycation end products and thus also promotes the formation of wrinkles. 

Sport against Anti Aging

No joke: if you exercise regularly, you can delay the ageing process by up to ten years. A balanced mix of endurance and muscle training is optimal. Endurance training is good for the metabolism and the organ system. Strength training, on the other hand, is good for the muscles. And muscles tighten the skin all by themselves.

Sleep as a miracle weapon

The regeneration processes of the skin run at full speed during sleep. Free radicals are broken down and structural damage to the skin is repaired as if by magic. That's why you should definitely give yourself and your body enough sleep. Regular lack of sleep is quickly reflected in the face. 

Avoid sun

We all know that sunshine is good for the soul. But please in moderation! Too much UV light damages the skin cells and is thus a real turbo for skin ageing. Therefore, always apply a face cream with a sun protection factor. Visits to solariums are particularly dangerous. They accelerate skin ageing enormously!

The right face cream

The use of high-quality facial care is very important in the field of anti-ageing, because it supplies the skin with exactly the substances it urgently needs to look plump, wrinkle-free and thus youthful for as long as possible. We recommend Lavuj's extremely effective anti-aging cream because it saves you a visit to the beauty salon. With high-quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, herbal extracts, mineral-rich ionic water and various healing oils, Lavuj helps to delay the ageing process enormously. Lavuj is also made entirely without hormones and has been specially developed for sensitive skin. Already 24 hours after the first application of the product, the first small wrinkles on the face disappear. If you use Lavuj daily in the morning and in the evening for 28 days, a real Botox effect sets in like a wrinkle treatment and you save the injection of the nerve toxin Botulinumtoxin completely. That's why we are big fans of the Lavuj anti-aging cream!

Is mesotherapy helpful for wrinkles on the face?

A novel treatment method for Facial wrinkles is aesthetic mesotherapy! It is a minimally invasive dermatological treatment that helps to iron away wrinkles and make the skin look plumper and younger overall. Unlike conventional anti-ageing treatments, mesotherapy does not require surgery and is therefore less risky than treatment with Botox. Here, injections of homeopathic and low-dose medication are injected into the middle layer of the skin over a longer period of time. The whole thing is done either with short fine microneedles or a special mesotherapy gun. Anti-aging boosters such as co-enzymes, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants are used. The mixture of active ingredients is individually adapted to the patient, which makes the effectiveness so high. An extensive consultation in advance is of course highly recommended.

Questions and answers:

What can I do if make-up settles unsightly in my facial wrinkles?

Our expert tip: Mix some facial oil or a little moisturiser (for example the anti-ageing cream by Lavuj) into your foundation. This will make the skin texture more even and the skin will be more radiant! 

Is mesotherapy painful?

No. The injection does not cause any pain because the individual mixture of active ingredients always includes a mild anaesthetic. 

Can you also use Lavuj Anti Aging Cream as a man?

Naturally. Lavuj was developed for both women and men. 

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