What helps for wrinkles around the mouth?


Laughter is healthy and something beautiful! It is undoubtedly good for the soul. But unfortunately, facial expressions cause unsightly wrinkles over time. Especially the unpopular mouth wrinkles! The sad news is: already from the age of 20, the skin slowly loses structure and elasticity. And from the age of 30, the natural ageing process already makes itself felt in the form of Facial wrinkles such as around the mouth. But should you never laugh again? Absolutely not! There are enough tricks to counteract the unpleasant ageing process of the skin. Here you can find out what helps and what you should avoid!

These are the symptoms

Unattractive wrinkles around the mouth and lip lines are caused by the age-related degradation of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the deep layers of the skin, which are responsible for the firmness and youthful appearance of your skin. As the structural framework of the skin loses stability due to decreasing collagen formation and mature skin stores less moisture in the cells due to decreasing activity of the sebaceous glands, wrinkles around the mouth appear over time. Dryness and sensitivity of the skin are classic accompanying symptoms.

But it is not only the change in the metabolism of the skin that is to blame, but also facial expressions. Either through laughing or, for example, the frequent pursing of the lips while smoking. Nasolabial folds are the wrinkles that form around the mouth. Unfortunately, they can quickly make the facial expression look strained and angry, but above all, they make the face look older overall, which is why many young sufferers in particular suffer greatly from them. Slightly pronounced wrinkles that are only visible with individual facial movement often develop over time into deeper wrinkles that remain.

What form can wrinkles take around the mouth area?

  • Nasolabial foldsThis is the name given to the wrinkles between the nose and the corner of the mouth, which run radially around the mouth. The unsightly nasolabial folds make the face look older and create a grumpy expression.
  • Perioral wrinkles: These are the wrinkles between the nose and the upper lip. They are also called crinkle wrinkles, pleated wrinkles or smoker's wrinkles because they are caused by the frequent pursing of the lips.
  • Lip wrinklesThey are also favoured by smoking. Lipstick can settle unsightly in them.
  • Wrinkles at the corners of the mouthTheir appearance visually lengthens the corners of the mouth and pulls them downwards. They are also called mentolabial or marionette wrinkles because they make the face look like a marionette.
  • Transverse wrinkles between chin and lower lipThey can also be very disturbing to a greater or lesser extent. 
  • Dot-like retractions of the skin on the chin: These are also known as cobblestone relief or strawberry chin.
  • Loss of volume of the upper and/or lower lipWe all want as much lip volume as possible, don't we? Because plump lips stand for youthfulness!

This helps with wrinkles around the mouth!

Everyone gets older with time. That is quite normal. But fortunately, the unpopular ageing process can be delayed quite a bit. With a healthy lifestyle, consistent sun protection and care with high-quality products. Anti Aging products. Here you will find the right do's & don'ts to prevent wrinkles around the mouth!

This is what you can do:

  • Drink a lotBut of course not alcohol, but preferably pure water! Not only the circulation and metabolism benefit, but also the moisture balance of the skin is replenished in a natural way.
  • Balanced NutritionA healthy, vitamin-rich diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, high-quality protein from pulses and soy products, a large proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids and little animal fat and industrial sugar ensures an ideal supply of nutrients for the skin.
  • Facial gymnastics and massages: They promote the formation of collagen and thus prevent wrinkles from forming and becoming prematurely pronounced.
  • Regular peelingsRegular use of gentle peelings removes dead skin cells and makes the skin look smoother and firmer. In addition, cell activity is stimulated enormously. 
  • The right facial careMoisturising creams promote cell metabolism and thus boost the skin's ability to regenerate! We recommend the high-quality anti-ageing cream by Lavuj, which is produced without hormones and with only high-quality ingredients and thus provides a true Botox effect with long-term use! 

You should avoid that:

  • Excessive alcohol consumptionAlcohol draws water from the body and the skin loses the moisture it needs to look firm and plump!
  • Smoking: The increased contraction of the lips when taking a drag on a cigarette greatly promotes the formation of perioral wrinkles. Moreover, nicotine is poison for the skin cells.
  • Sleep deprivationThe natural regeneration processes of the skin run at full speed during the night. Free radicals are broken down all by themselves and structural damage to the skin is repaired. A real miracle - so treat yourself to enough sleep for your beauty!
  • Strong sun exposureSure, sunlight is good for the soul, but too much UV light damages the skin's structural cells and not only promotes skin ageing, but also the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, it is best to use a face cream with a sun protection factor every day! 

Why Lavuj Anti Aging Cream is so effective!

Of course, in the case of pronounced wrinkles that weigh heavily on you, you can always visit the beauty doctor. However, if you don't want to go to the doctor for medical wrinkle treatment and would rather do without Botox injections, we recommend the highly effective anti-ageing cream from Lavuj. When used over a long period of time, it has the same effect as a Botox treatment - but without the injection! The Lavuj Anti Aging Cream for men and women was produced without hormones and especially for sensitive skin and convinces with valuable ingredients such as high-dosage HyaluronThe power active ingredient astaxanthin as well as herbal extracts, mineral-rich ionic water and three different healing oils.

What is really incredible is that the first small wrinkles on the face disappear after just 24 hours. With daily application in the morning and evening, the Botox effect sets in after 28 days and lasts for about five months. Of course, this varies slightly depending on skin type, gender and age. But if you want to give your skin a visual freshness boost, you can't go wrong with this cream. By the way, it not only helps with wrinkles around the mouth, but also fights the unloved frown lines, as well as forehead wrinkles in general and the wrinkles around the eyes, the so-called crow's feet. 


Are there also home remedies for wrinkles around the mouth?

Sure! Aloe vera is included in many beauty products for a reason. Besides, coconut oil is a real wonder weapon for the skin.

Can wrinkles also be prevented with superfoods?

A healthy diet is very important for firm skin, as mentioned above! A particularly good superfood tip is almonds: They contain lots of valuable fibre, oleic and folic acid, vitamin E, calcium and zinc. If you eat almonds every day, you are definitely doing something good for your skin. 

Are dietary supplements recommended?

Antioxidant vitamins can provide good support in the fight against wrinkles. Vitamins A, C and E are among the most commonly used vitamins in anti-wrinkle preparations. They have a nourishing and regulating effect on the skin cells. However, we always recommend a high-quality facial care in addition, such as the anti-aging cream by Lavuj.

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