Why Hyaluronic Acid is so important!


Watch out! Hyaluronic acid, or hyaluron for short, has become an absolute superstar in the last few years. Anti Aging industry and skin care. It can be found in countless creams, gels, serums, capsules or even in beauty drinks for ingestion. But is the hype of the high-flyer in the fight against skin ageing really justified? Can hyaluron really iron away annoying wrinkles and delay the formation of new ones, as so often promised?

We say: Yes, definitely! Due to its ingenious structure, hyaluronic acid naturally binds water and thus ensures optimal elasticity and resilience - also in the connective tissue. That's why hyaluronic acid, just like retinoids, is an enormously important ingredient in cosmetics in the field of anti-ageing, and has long been indispensable. Here you will find all the information you need to know about hyaluronic acid!

What is hyaluron?

The best thing is: hyaluronic acid is not an artificially designed trend ingredient, but a natural substance produced by the body itself with incredible capabilities. How does it get into your products? It is incorporated into creams as powdered sodium hyaluronate, for example. The name hyaluron comes from the Greek word "hyalos", which translates as "glassy". This comes from the fact that the substance is also present in the vitreous bodies of the human eye. From a chemical point of view, hyaluron is a polysaccharide, i.e. a sugar-like compound that fulfils important tasks in the body: 

  • It stores water: And how! Hyaluron can bind a thousand to ten thousand times its own weight in water. So one gram of hyaluron stores between one and ten litres of water. 
  • It lubricates the joints: Hyaluronic acid is the main component of joint fluid and works as a lubricant for the joints, so to speak. 
  • It keeps the paths clear: Hyaluron ensures a free exchange of cells in the tissue. In this respect, it is significantly involved in all important metabolic processes in the body. 
  • Other additional tasks: But hyaluronic acid is also involved in several other components of the body. From cell division to the intervertebral discs and eyes to the brain.

How hyaluron can be used

Hyaluron can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To drink or in capsule form: A new trend among beauty experts are capsules or drinks with hyaluron! They are considered the latest miracle cure for premature signs of ageing. Regular use is said to moisturise the skin from the inside and also have a positive effect on joints and bones. But whether these capsules or drinks really have a wrinkle-filling effect is quite controversial. 
  • As injections: Due to its enormously firming effect, hyaluronic acid is also often used for injections and top-ups at the Beauty Doc. Particularly wrinkled skin and lips can be plumped up with the help of hyaluronic acid injections. Such a treatment can also be effectively supported by care products with hyaluronic acid. 
  • For application to the skin: No matter whether consumed through ampoules, creams, gels or serums - the mode of action of care with hyaluron is always the same: Hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin's surface into deep layers and unfolds its famous plumping anti-aging effect there.

How hyaluron works in creams

Since the body's own ability to produce hyaluron unfortunately decreases with the years, the skin naturally loses moisture, volume, firmness and elasticity. The result: annoying wrinkles appear. Hyaluron is a welcome rescue! Since it is a natural active ingredient, it is quickly absorbed by the skin. It has an enormous plumping effect because it penetrates deep into the skin and binds water there. The result is a wonderfully smooth appearance. This is why hyaluron is such an important ingredient in anti-ageing creams - like Lavuj, of course (see below). When used regularly, it ensures that the ageing skin is much better moisturised overall. The first wrinkles disappear and the formation of new ones is considerably reduced. The skin's appearance is thus significantly improved. 

How hyaluronic acid is made

There are two ways to produce hyaluronic acid. Either extraction from animal material or biotechnological extraction from plant material. 

Animal hyaluronic acid

In the past, it was only extracted from animal products - mostly from cockscombs. This is why hyaluron is often referred to as cockscomb extract among scientists. The production is quite complex and the result has some disadvantages, because it may not be possible to remove the animal components completely. Animal hyaluronic acid is often used for medicinal products.

Vegetarian hyaluronic acid

Towards the end of the nineties, scientists developed a process with which the active ingredient hyaluron can be produced biotechnologically. For this purpose, yeast proteins are used that are fermented with bacteria. The hyaluron obtained is then filtered and purified in a complex process. The big advantage is: hyaluron from fermentation is purer than the animal variant. Thus, the probability that allergic reactions could occur is very low. 

Lavuj contains full power hyaluron

The highly efficient anti-ageing cream from Lavuj also scores with a full load of hyaluron - to be precise, it contains 80 Daltons of it. This means that the ageing of the skin on the face can be extremely slowed down with the help of Lavuj and the first wrinkles disappear after just 24 hours. Other valuable active ingredients in Lavuj are Retinolastaxanthin, mineral-rich ionic water, as well as various herbal extracts and healing oils. In the totality of the high-quality active ingredients, Lavuj provides the perfect glow in the face. With a daily application over 28 days, a real Botox effect is achieved, which makes injections at the Beauty Doc completely superfluous. Lavuj is produced without any hormones and is 97% vegan. Lavuj Anti Aging Cream is suitable for both women and men. There are no known side effects. But the massive anti-aging effect cannot be overlooked. Look forward to the compliments you will receive after regular use! 


Is there a difference between hyaluron in creams and in injections?

Yes, cosmetic hyaluronic acid is broken down by the body within a few hours. Since a longer-term effect is naturally desired with an injection, the pharmaceutical hyaluron is chemically treated. This enlarges the molecules, which, however, does not make sense for an application in care products. 

Is the rumour true that you are not allowed to lie down after a hyaluron injection?

To ensure that the active ingredient is perfectly absorbed into your skin, you should not lie down for the first four hours after the treatment. It would also be ideal if you could sleep on your back for the first two to five nights, if possible. 

Is hyaluron also good for the hair?

Absolutely. It gives your hair a real freshness boost because - just like in your skin - it provides plenty of moisture. Dry, brittle hair is a thing of the past thanks to hyaluron. 

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