How can I prevent wrinkles?

Prevent wrinkles

One thing is certain: Everyone gets them at some point! Wrinkles are a sign of natural skin ageing - after all, they show that we have lived and that is a good thing. However, they are considered unsightly, especially when they appear at a young age rather than in old age. The good news is: By Anti Aging the natural ageing process of the skin can be delayed by a good deal.

A healthy lifestyle and, of course, the right facial care are important. Of course, genetic predisposition also plays a role, but regardless of this, you can do a lot with the right means to delay your individual skin ageing. In the field of anti-aging, prevention is always better than cure! Because once annoying wrinkles have appeared, it is difficult to get rid of them completely. Here we explain how you can effectively prevent wrinkles!

The Anti Wrinkle Diet

Everyone knows the saying: True beauty comes from within! And even if it is originally meant differently, it carries just as much truth when it comes to anti-aging. Because at least as important as external care with high-quality anti-aging products is a healthy diet with high-quality foods that are even called anti-aging food due to their vitamins and antioxidants. Wrinkles can also be reduced with the right Nutrition wrinkles can be prevented very well. We'll tell you which foods and ingredients will help you slow down the formation of wrinkles and which ones you should avoid as much as possible for the sake of your skin. 

  • Fruit and vegetables: Broccoli, peppers, beetroot, spinach, carrots and tomatoes are highly recommended for wrinkle-free skin. Fruits that are particularly good for your complexion include acai fruits, kiwis, oranges and pomegranates. But also blueberries, currants, blueberries or elderberries. In addition, herbs such as parsley are known to be real radical scavengers. In principle, all fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of vitamin C and zinc are optimal for a good complexion. 
  • Sugar: Even if you don't like to hear it, sugar is not only bad for your figure, but also contributes to the premature formation of wrinkles. The body can hardly process an excess of sugar. This leads to disturbed cell function. And when the cells can no longer regenerate, unsightly wrinkles form on the face. So: keep your hands off as much as possible!
  • Mineral water and tea: For an even complexion, sufficient fluid intake is enormously important! And that in the form of sufficient mineral water and tea. 
  • Alcohol: The popular after-work drink is unfortunately not a good idea if you want to protect your skin from premature wrinkling. Because alcohol draws moisture from the body. Smoking is also not recommended at all: Nicotine is true poison for the skin cells.

Other factors that can help prevent wrinkles

But besides diet, there are other factors that can effectively slow down the formation of wrinkles.

  • The right sleeping position: Sufficient sleep is very important for the skin, as the cells regenerate themselves during sleep. However, the right sleeping position also plays a big role when it comes to preventing wrinkles. If you sleep on your stomach or on your side, the collagen and elastin fibres are put under enormous strain and wrinkles will form over time. The best sleeping position for preventing wrinkles would therefore be on your back.
  • Avoid UV radiation: Even though tanned skin is still considered a sign of beauty and health, it is unfortunately exactly the opposite. Excessive UV radiation damages the skin enormously. And the dangerous thing is: damage from too much sunlight often only shows up years later. The skin never forgets and eventually takes revenge with the so-called dermis and deep furrows! Therefore, it is absolutely recommended to use sunscreen when sunbathing and to apply a day cream with a sun protection factor every day. Sunglasses are also recommended, as they prevent excessive squinting of the eyes. This also causes small wrinkles. Visits to solariums should be avoided at all costs, as the radiation is far too extreme and wrinkles are encouraged to sprout.
  • Exercise regularly: Physical activity is not only good for the figure and condition, but also for the youthfulness of the skin, as sport stimulates the blood circulation. Radical weight loss, on the other hand, is not recommended because it promotes the formation of wrinkles. 

How cosmetics can contribute to skin protection

The right skin care products are also extremely important to prevent pesky wrinkles. Here are our best expert tips:

  • Peeling: Dead skin particles should be removed regularly to help the skin regenerate. Therefore, a gentle peeling is recommended from time to time. Afterwards, the skin immediately looks rosy and fresh again.
  • Face masks: They can also give a real freshness boost and keep the skin beautifully supple. In addition to the commercially available products, you can also make them yourself at home with natural ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, curd cheese or honey. 
  • Thorough cleaning: The skin should be thoroughly cleansed every morning and evening with high-quality care products. Removing make-up before going to bed is an absolute must if you don't want to really boost wrinkle formation! 
  • The right skin care cream: The right facial care is also crucial. To make the first wrinkles disappear quickly and to prevent deep wrinkles, we recommend the high-quality anti-aging cream from Lavuj! 

This is how Lavuj effectively fights wrinkles!

Lavuj's unique anti-ageing cream effectively prevents the ageing process. The care was specially developed for sensitive skin and also helps to regulate the skin tone and prevent loss of firmness. Absolute power active ingredients such as high-dose hyaluronic acid ensure this, Retinol, herbal extracts, mineral-rich ionic water and three different healing oils. Astaxanthin, the world's second most powerful antioxidant, contributes especially to the vitality of the skin. Hyaluron ensures the firmness of the skin. Lavuj contains no hormones and has no side effects.

The first wrinkles disappear 24 hours after the first application. And those who use Lavuj daily in the morning and evening for 28 days can look forward to a plump Botox effect that lasts for five months and makes a visit to the beauty doctor completely unnecessary. In addition, the rich anti-aging cream effectively prevents the formation of further wrinkles. That is why we recommend Lavuj with a clear conscience! 


Is it true that you should drink 3 litres of water a day to avoid wrinkles?

Yes, it sounds almost too easy, but drinking 3 litres of water a day is actually a real miracle cure for wrinkles. It boosts the metabolic processes in the body and thus more nutrients are transported into the cells. Drinking plenty of water is not only good for your skin, it also gives you more energy and performance. 

Is it true that stress additionally promotes the formation of wrinkles?

Unfortunately, yes. Stress generally has a negative effect on the body and thus also on your skin. If you want to prevent wrinkles successfully, you should always make sure that your stress level is within limits.

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